Game Instructions

For the escape game The Magician's Curse

The augmented reality escape game The Magician's Curse is set up like a live escape room and takes place throughout the room you are in. To dive into the magical world, you need the free augmented reality app Immersive Escape.

What is it about?

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The existence of the Wizarding World is top secret, but the wizard, Pad Alexander, breaks the magic law and lets you in on the secrets of this magical world.

But with this knowledge, danger threatens you! Suddenly, an ancient curse hangs on the exit door, which is automatically activated when one of you passes through the door.

Now you only have one chance: You must learn more about the world of magic and examine the magical artifacts in the room. Maybe that's how you'll find out how to break the curse. But beware! Many puzzles await you along the way, and you'll have to solve them.

Dive into a world full of magic and start this fun and immersive magical puzzle adventure!

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Game Info

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Game Conditions

  • Number of players: 2-5 recommended (possible: 1- 10)
  • Game duration: 60 - 120 minutes
  • Preparation time: 7 minutes
  • Age: when played together with adults from 8, without the support of adults from 14
  • Mobile app: available for free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store

Game Components

In the game box of the augmented reality escape room game The Magician's Curse you will find the following contents:

Magicians Curse – Game Material
  1. Game box: High-quality magnetic box with gold stamping.
  2. A total of 28 different artifact cards that contain 3D objects – unlock their secrets to break the curse.
  3. An artifact card saying 'Start' that introduces you to the wizarding world and the ancient curse via a video message.
  4. A magic pen that allows you to create your own magical objects and then explore them in 3D.
  5. An artifact card saying 'Ancient Curse of the Magicians'. This curse must be broken to win the game.
  6. Five mysterious envelopes that are protected by a spell. Crack their puzzles to open the letters and access more magical objects.
  7. One game manual in both English and German.

The three writable artifacts have replacements. If you make a mistake on these, you can have one more try. The material stored in a zip bag at the bottom of the game box is only intended as a reserve.


If you want to play the game again, you can download and reprint the game material you wrote on, to solve the puzzles for free.

Download replacement material

Game preparation

You don't need any additional material unless you plan to solve the game with only a cell phone, in which case it's best to keep a sheet of paper and a pen ready to make notes.

Game Rules

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No one is allowed to step through the door after the game starts; otherwise, you will activate the ancient curse of the magicians and henceforth lead a cursed existence!

Magicians Curse
And no, you can't just take it down because then the curse will activate immediately.

Magicians Curse
You don't have to cut or fold anything in the game.

Magicians Curse
Open the mysterious letters only when prompted.

Magicians Curse
There is no time limit; you have as much time as you like!


The app shows you where to start. It will ask you to find a certain magical artifact and examine it with the app.  

After that, the whole room will be open to you. Examine all the magical artifacts with the help of the app.

During the game, you will find out how to activate certain magical artifacts and decipher the secret codes for the mysterious letters. Once you've opened the last letter, you'll have everything you need to figure out how to break the mage's curse.

The game ends when you manage to break the curse on the door.

App handling

To examine a magic artifact, you need the appropriate rune.
Examine the magic artifact to find out which rune you need.

To fully immerse you in the magical game experience, there are no additional controls in the app.

Note: Using the phone continuously requires power. It's best to fully charge your phone's battery before playing and have a powerbank or charging cable with you so you can recharge your phone when necessary.

Do You need help?

If you get stuck, discuss the situation with each other and examine the other artifacts. If you are still stuck, the magic oracle will help you.

The magic oracle is a multi-level guessing system.


Game tips

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If you are not a skilled puzzle solver and are familiar with augmented reality, then read through the game tips - after all, every journey needs to be well prepared. Especially a journey into the world of magic

  1. You can interact with certain magical artifacts. Try it out and tap the objects on the mobile screen.

  2. With the magic pen you can create magic artifacts yourself by tracing lines. But beware. If it has multiple colored lines, you'll have to figure out which of the magic artifacts to trace first.

  3. You can see magic artifacts through the mobile only if you have selected the right rune. The correct rune is shown on the magic artifact, but sometimes it is well hidden.

  4. You can combine certain magic artifacts by placing them next to each other.

  5. Many of the magic artifacts you can use only after you have found out more about the magic world or you combine them with other magic artifacts.

  6. Communication is everything! Talk to each other, share your ideas, and each player gets to examine all the magical artifacts: Because different pairs of eyes discover different things!