About Us

We are very happy we could work on this project and find so many great supporters. Here, you can learn a bit more about who all worked on "The Magician's Curse" and contributed something to this incredible game.

  • Eliane Zangger

    Always enthusiastic about games, especially cooperative ones, she has devoted herself entirely to developing exciting puzzles. As the game’s creator, she has laid the foundation for a fantastic magical adventure.

  • Corinne Zangger

    Also a big fan of games but prefers competitive ones. Together with Eliane, she has worked tirelessly on this wonderful game.

In cooperation with:

  • Edouard Angebaut

    Illustrator, programmer ,and sound designer
    Edouard Angebault is a fantastic graphic designer who lovingly breathed life into the magical artifacts and created the app. You can find out more about him at athanase.artstation.com

  • Pad Alexander

    The Magician
    Pad Alexander is a stage magician and mentalist known from television. As a powerful wizard, he takes on the main role of the game and gives it that certain magic. You can find out more about him on padalexander.ch

  • Hegi Castle

    The Location
    We shot our great trailer in the beautiful Hegi Castle in Winterthur, Switzerland. The place is simply magical and has a long and fascinating history. More on schlosshegi.ch