The magician's curse

Get involved in a completely new kind of puzzle adventure!
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Dive into a magical world

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The adventure takes place in a new, magical world.


Unlock the secrets together with family and friends.


Interact with the magical world thanks to augmented reality.

In this unique game, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Thanks to the unique combination of game materials and augmented reality (AR), you can transform any place of your choice into the magical world of wizards and create an incredible gaming experience.

Discover magical artifacts, hidden treasures and secret messages with your fellow players. You will only be able to solve the 16 main puzzles and break the ancient curse by working as a team.

Discover 3D Elements with your Smartphone!

The Magician's Curse is an immersive escape room board game. The playing cards come to life by using the accompanying free augmented reality app. Interact with the objects on your smartphone to uncover their secrets.

Wie funktioniert das Spiel mit AR?

Your Game experience

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Magicians Curse – Pad Alexander

Your adventure begins with a magical welcome by the magician!

This message already contains more than is apparent at first glance: Will you find out how to do magic by yourself?

Magicians Curse – Pad Painting

Find out how to conjure up magical artifacts of your own.

Magicians Curse – Grimoire

Explore the magical artifacts in the room, like potions, magical portals, talking picture frames, and more.*

You can explore the room simultaneously with multiple phones!

Magicians Curse – Pad welcome

Discover the magician's secret messages and their hidden meaning!

Magicians Curse – Cards

Find hidden clues and solve interactive puzzles. Activate bubbling potions, decipher secret codes, and use the power of gems.

Magicians Curse – Eye

Discover the mysterious letters being protected by the Occuli guards.

Magicians Curse – Curse

Can you break the ancient curse?

* More we do not reveal here, we know how to keep the secrets of magic 😉

Let us enchant you

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Magicians Curse - Interactive Story

interactive story

Interact with the magical items in the game and decide how deeply you want to dive into this world. Solve the 16 main puzzles and break the ancient curse or explore all the magical items and read in the magical spell book to learn more about the wizarding world!

amazing and varied puzzles

Unconventional and original puzzle ideas await with the following:

Surprising effects and playful interactions

Magicians Curse

The puzzles can be deciphered better when playing as a team

Magicians Curse

Various skills are required, like an eye for detail, clever combining, logical thinking, perspective thinking, dexterity, and good communication

Magicians Curse

The puzzles are designed to fit the story and build up the excitement

Magicians Curse

Solve all the puzzles together or split up to solve in smaller groups

Each puzzle has been lovingly designed by us and polished like a diamond together with our graphic designer to guarantee you a wonderful gaming experience.

Magicians Curse - Immersive adventure

Immersive adventure

In this new type of puzzle adventure, your home becomes a magical, enchanted world. The combination of virtual objects and real artifact cards lets you dive deep into the magical world and offers a unique experience!

Magicians Curse - Magical objects

Beautiful mystical 3D Objects

The great 3D artist, Edouard Angebault, created the magical objects.
In the game, you can explore a total of 45 3D objects from all sides. Who knows, maybe you will discover hidden inscriptions?

Magicians Curse - Pad Alexander

Real Magician Pad Alexander

In the game you'll meet the stage magician Pad Alexander, known from TV.
Be on the lookout for his secret messages!

Magicians Curse - Sounds

Captivating sound effects

Let the surprising and epic sound effects sweep you away and draw you deeper into this exciting adventure.

What is in the game box?

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In the game box of the augmented reality escape room game The Magician's Curse you will find the following contents:

Magicians Curse – Game Material
  1. Game box: High-quality magnetic box with gold stamping.
  2. A total of 28 different artifact cards that contain 3D objects – unlock their secrets to break the curse.
  3. An artifact card saying 'Start' that introduces you to the wizarding world and the ancient curse via a video message.
  4. A magic pen that allows you to create your own magical objects and then explore them in 3D.
  5. An artifact card saying 'Ancient Curse of the Magicians'. This curse must be broken to win the game.
  6. Five mysterious envelopes that are protected by a spell. Crack their puzzles to open the letters and access more magical objects.
  7. One game manual in both English and German.

What's in the envelopes?

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Each envelope contains different artifact cards you need to solve the riddles around the curse.

Magicians Curse – Game Material Envelopes